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We have the strategic tie-ups with the highly reputed business organizations who assists us in delivering the best quality products to our esteemed clients. These business associates are introduced as below:

  • Pan - Herbo LTD.

  • Singh Mehandi Industries

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Pan - Herbo Ltd.

It belongs to fast expanding 100 Cr. Panoramic Group of Companies. The Panoramic Group has made a great impact in the international Hospitality market & has successful diversified into information technology & has now plunged in Herbal product through Pan-Herbo Ltd.

Inove has tied up with the group to develop & manufacture the products in its facility for Pan-Herbo Ltd.

The product already Launched are :

  • Restaurant Hair Oil

  • Keshaamrut Hair Oil.

  • Keshaamrut Hair Gels.

The products under pipeline are :

  • Toothpaste

  • Facial Creams

  • Shampoos

  • After shave Lotion

  • Shaving Creams etc.

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Singh Mehandi Industires

A fast growing company specialized in to Bridal Mehandi & Heena Products having Nation wide Network with sales depot all over India. Inove was the 1st Company to develop a Natural Hair Colour with Heena Base in paste from & tied up with singh Mehandi industries for marketing the same using singh already Laid logistics.

The product already Launch are :

  • ICE Ready Mix Heena (Paste From)

  • ICE Hair Heena (Powder Form)

The product in Pipeline to be Launched are :

  • Heena Based Cooling Hair Oil.

  • Heena Based Herbal Shampoo

  • Pain Balm.

  • Hair Colors.

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Indian Cosmetic Industry:Present Scenario

India is one of the largest Asian market for consumer goods & durables & one of the fastest developing potential market for Herbal cosmetics. In 2005 – 2006 Indian consumer spent Rs. 13000 Cr. On Hair Care, Body Care, Skin Care Products (other than soaps) with an estimated growth rate of 14% p.a.

Source – A & M Survey Report.According to the

socio-economie status of the people. They are differentiated into Middle class and rich class. The middle class forms the major portion of the prospectus hence from sales point of view this class cannot be neglected. To cater the needs & wants of the consumers in this class Inove intends to launch “Beauty & Heal” range of products which are right priced, superior quality products, which would reach the end users through the path of Beauty salons & Novelty stores. This segent successfully covers 40 % of the targeted audience with much ease & less expense. In a way it can be compared to ethical Marketing where doctors in later case are been replaced by Beautician & cosmetologist who would practice , prescribe & recommend the products to the consumers.

Inove shall be stepping in the market with it’s 2 dozen of products under Brand “Beauty & Heal” in phases as shown below, within span of 2 years The company will have its presence All India with the field strength of approximately 10 sales professionals, 80 distributors & 14 C & Fagents.

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Beauty & Heal

The women of this age now wants to express her self with her clothes, her hair & her cosmetics with this change psyche of Indian woman who is transversed from traditional woman - Identity merged with family ie. Nargis of Mother India to the Radio & T. V. influenced confident & decision making working woman Lalitaji of Surf Add, to the very new individualist woman where mother hood gave way towoman hood Shabana Azmi & the fact that creams & Lotions have replaced home made malai & bessan paste it is very well said that personal care Industry is destined to boom. To meet this demands & aspiring needs of consumer Inove is Launching “Beauty & Heal” range of personal care products & PHYTOCONCENTRATES Herbal Systems.

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Phytoconcentrataes Herbal Systems

Phyto = Plant) & i.e Plant concentrates

The product under this brands are usually essential oils extracted from flowers, herbs bark, fruits & spices by either steam distillation, dissolving in solvents or by simple pressure. They have been called the life blood of plants containing their healing properties in a very concentrated form.

The Blend of this Phyto-concentrates used to treat a broad spectrum of conditions including physical, mental & psychosomatic stress problems by stimulating natural regenerative process of the Body is called. AROMATHERAPY

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Basil -A refreshing, stimulating oil, Excellent nerve tonic, strengthens concentration and clears the mind.

Bergamot- Uplifting, delightful citrus scent, powerful anti-depressant and nerve sedative, Excellent antiseptic for acne, ulcers, wounds etc. Good for cystitis, Use in inhalation for lung conditions. Apply direct to cold sores when they first appear,

Carrotseed -Beneficial for kidneys & dropsy, cleans the blood, good for hair care, aromatic, stimulant, antiseptic.

Cardamom -Antiseptic, antispasmodic, uplifting, aphrodisiac, carmative, digestive, diuretic, tonic, good for mental fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea.

Cedarwood -A mild woody scent, good for harmonizing and stabilizing unbalanced energies. Not to be used in pregnancy. Good for oily skins and acne. Use in inhalation for lung conditions.

Chamomile -Best anti -inflammatory and anti -allergic oil. Good for muscular aches and pains. Soothing and calming for states of anxiety and insomnia in an evening bath.

Cinnamon -A rich, spicy, warming oil. Especially good for exhaustion resulting from influenze, to stimulate heart circulation and digestion. Strong antiseptic -Use in inhalation for coughs.

Clary Sage -A euphoric and very Powerful relaxant to be used with caution. Rub a few drops on the face for insomnia. For sore throats, laryngitis etc., gargle with 2% in distilled water. Do not use when drinking alcohol or during medication

Clove -Warming tonic & spicy oil. Relieves general physical and mental debility. A Powerful antiseptic-used in vaporization as a prevention against infectious illnesses. A well know toothache remedy -apply directly to the tooth. Can be used as a mouthwash for Sores and ulcers.

Corriander- Sweet, spicy aroma. Stimulating and refreshing. Useful as muscle rub. Encourages appetite and digestion.

Cypress -A resinous woody oil. Particularly good ~ influenza and coughs and for inhalation. Use a few drops on a handkerchief to help clear breathing. To help clear varicose veins, Use in massage oil around the area of the veins but not on them. For heavy menstruation.

Eucalyptus -One of the best antiseptic oils and anti-viral agents. Use in inhalation for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis an influenza., insect repellent - apply a few drops on exposed areas of the body.

Geranium -A re/axing and refreshing scent, good for balancing the hormone production .and stabilizing the emotions. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties good for throat and mouth infections. Excellent remedy for treating cuts, burns, eczema, wounds and ulcers, skin care stretch marks.

Ginger -A tangy rich oil. Very effective in massage oil for rheumatic pains, especially when combined with rosemary oil. A stimulating general tonic, good for all digestive problems and for loss of appetite. Use'' as a bath oil to ward off colds.

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Jasmine -One of the most exquisite scents, said to be the king of oils Especially good as a uterine tonic and or relieving all kinds of pain, of the female reproductive system. Excellent anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and strong sensual stimulant.

Juniper-berry -A refreshing and invigorating oil. Excellent for all types of indigestion and minor stomach disorders. Stimulates circulation and acts as a blood purifier. Its antiseptic & astringent properties are good for all skin disorders especially oily skins and acne. Use in massage oil for treatment of rheumatism, gout and arthritis. Avoid during pregnancy and for children.

Lavender -All types of skin, alopecia, dermatitis, eczema, inflammation, insect bites, psoriasis, sunburn, burns, wounds, Earache, headache, migraine, rose and throat infections. Lowers high blood pressure. Colic, flatulence, indigestion, nausea. Cystitis, fluid retention, Aches and pains, rheumatism, sprains, Amdeby, depression, irritability; palpitations, catarrhs complaints.

Lemon -A refreshing light oil. Classic remedy for sore throats. gargle add 2% to warm water. Excellent antiseptic -dab neat on insect bites and stings. To stop bleeding dab on small cuts in a 2% solution in boiled wa- ter. Skin irritant and photosensitive.

Lemongrass -invigorating scent and bath oil. For use as a cleanser for oily skins when blended with a vegetable oil or distilled water. Skin irritant Lime -(Distilled) Citrus -Excellent tonic and antiseptic. Fresh, sweet, zesty aroma obtained by steam distillation of whole ripe fruit. Skin irritant. Neroli -Citrus, obtained from orange blossom i.e. from the flowers of the bitter orange. Calming and soothing during times of stress, helps.restore sleep. Ideal for skin care, especially mature/dry skin. Exquisite light floral aroma.

Nutmeg -Warm, sweet, spicy aroma. Stimulates imagination. Useful muscle rub. Stimulates digestion. Use in moderation.

Orange -A delicious sweet scent with a high Vitamin C content -good at the onset of a cold, blended with any of the spice oils. Especially recommended for children and states of general debility. Sedative properties - effective remedy for insomnia, diarrhea and palpitations. A lovely room freshener in vaporization.

Palmarosa -Excellent skin and hair care oil, helps moisturize the skin. Ideal during difficult times.

Patchouli -A musky, sweet, sensual oil renowned as an aphrodisiac. A powerful stimulant on the nerves, lifts anxiety and depression. An excellent fixative in massage oils. In skin care it promotes formation of scar tissue and is good for treating mature skin, dryness and inflammation. Helps female diseases. -

Peppermint -A cooling and invigorating oil. One of the best remedies for all digestive orders and nausea. An excellent. alternative remedy to aspirin -2/3 drops taken internally on a spoonful of honey, helps to alleviate migraine. Very effective insect repellent. Avoid during pregnancy and on children.

Petitgrain - Drived from the leaves of the orange tree having similar properties to orange flower, but less refined in fragrance. Excellent fixative in massage blends and perfumes. Inhale to sharpen alertness.

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Pine -A pungent, clean scent, good for mental fatigue. Powerful antiseptic for all infections of the respiratory tract used in inhalation. In the bath, it helps relieve aches and pains. Good for treating rheumatism and gout.

Rose -A beautiful, feminine scent. One of the most antiseptic essences. Very soothing for the nerves and a powerful antidepressant. The best remedy for treating disorders of the feminine reproductive system. In skin care-good for dry, mature and sensitive skins. Liver tonic. Calms anger and alleviates hangovers, inhaled or used as a perfume.

Rosemary - A strengthening, invigorating oil, good for stimulating we memory, also for vertigo and general dullness. Invigorates the circulator. Use in massage oil for aches and pains, and liver complaints. Go as a hair rinse -add three drops to rinsing water. For treating dandruff apply to the scalp, a few drops in a vegetable oils base. Avoid during pregnancy and on children.

Rosewood - A sweet smelling woody aroma. It is antiseptic regenerative, relaxant and anxiety reliever Excellent for dry skin and hair.

Sandalwood - A sweet, woody scent which evokes a meditative atmosphere. Useful in states of anxiety and nervous tension. Can be used to treat chronic infections of the genitourinary and pulmonary tract. In care one of the best oils for dry skin and acne. Powerful aphrodisiac.

Tea Tree - Powerful antiseptic. Ideal for vaporizing to kill germs especially beneficial during the winter months. Useful 'cleansing' agents for skin. Helps combat foot odour. Can be used as a, disinfectant. Kills f1eas on pets. Put neat only on the outside of the pets collar.

Thyme - A very powerful, antiseptic oil. Strengthening and invigorating for physical and mental debility of all kinds. As bath oil-excellent for lieving muscular pain. In vaporization combat's infections diseases.

Vetiver - A tall, scented grass with a woody, smoky aroma. Deeply ralaxing, ideal in massage oil or bath. Traditionally used in men's toiletries Blends well with Lavender.

Ylang-Ylang - A very sweet exotic scent. It is a reputed aphrodisiac, powerful sensual stimulant and euphoric. It has a sedative and regulating effect on the nervous system good for states of anxiety, anger, tension high blood pressure and irregular heart beat.




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